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Hilltop-Mail Email Marketing Australia is a powerful, unique and simple solution supplying a Do-it-yourself (DIY) online direct marketing system. It provides you with hands-on management of your email marketing campaigns using our List Management Software. You can create, send and track your first email marketing campaign in just 5 minutes! Try it out today with our Free 30 Day Trial.

Product Overview

With Hilltop-Mail you can easily:

    Marketing Campaigns
  • Create powerful email marketing campaigns
    and Newsletters using our exclusive online
    , Click & Replace Wizard
  • Automate your Subcription process with builtin Webforms, "send to a Friend' Features and allow your clients to update their contact details
  • Build, profile and target customer databases
  • Create online forms for marketing Surveys
    and event registrations
  • Efficiently track and analyse email marketing results in real time
  • Hilltop-Mail's unique wizard will walk and 'literally' talk you
    through the main features of the Australian email marketing system.
  • Make use of opt-in or double opt-in Email Marketing functionality
  • Have your messages update twitter, facebook and your linkedin account
  • More Features...

"In just 5 minutes you will have created,
sent and tracked your first email campaign.

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Common Email Marketing Activities

     eMarketing Solutions
  • Providing personalised content to customers
    based on profiles
  • Building and managing Customer databases
  • Sending Html email Newsletters and eBrochures
  • Special emailed offers to generate repeat business
  • Autorespoder software to campaign new subscribers
  • Product updates for new products and service
  • Surveys on what your customers like and want
  • Event registrations to manage and track attendees
  • Product training information emailed to customers
  • Staff news email mechanism for Company information updates
  • Allowing customers to maintain and update their own records
  • Marketing Lead generation management (enquiry, order reports)

If you want to take your business to the next level and actively promote, sell and expand your business and services using direct email marketing in Australia, you should take advantage of the FREE 30 Day Trial of the Hilltop-Mail email marketing system and discover how you can track and generate more sales and inquiries easily from using this powerful eMarketing tool.

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